Gå till Profil (Svenska)

Born: A beautiful Spring day in 1966 Click to see larger photo

Feeling like: Not a day over 30   

Color of the hair: varying
Color of my eyes:
My height:
173 cm

My Weigh: Around 80 kg
Living :
On a farm

My best quality: Very cheerful and considerate, Thoughtful
My worst quality:
Talkative, like to make decisions
No kids

Civil status Single, generation living

Drives: Cars, tractor, lift truck, moped, horse

Best book I read: Good night mister Tom and The Da Vinci code
Movie I like:
Dirty dancing
, Haunted Mansion, Freaky Friday, The league
Best actor:
Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Mark Harmon, Julia Roberts, Richard Dean Andersson
TV-Series I like:
Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Seven days, Mysterious ways, Dark Angel, Chronicle
Music I like:
Country, pop, Most music actually
Songs I like:
I got to keep on Movin, Wings, Bird on a wire

Music I dislike : Jazz, Orchestral music, Opera, Heavy metal

Dream journeys: Grand Canyon and Australia
I want to live:
On a big ranch
Bring to an deserted Island:
(Then I will have a chance to get home...)*laugh*
Favorite animal:
Modern technology Computers, dancing, Photograph, Tv-games

Less enjoyable: Vacuum, dusting, window wash, scrub floors 

My highest wish: To be healthy and pain free
Dream Profession: 
Do whatever I want, when I want, and still got paid
Future Dream: 
Harmonious & be loved
I believe in:

In love right now?
I am sorry to say, but No
Cloth that I like wearing:
Jeans, Polo, shirt, loose clothing
Cloth I don’t want to put on:
Glaring color like the 70th
My dearest Possessions:
My home
Favorite food:
Seafood, Fillet of beef, Sate
Favorite beverage:
Milk 3%, Coca Cola, Milkshake, most drinks, but not coffee
Favorite alcohol:
Do not like alcohol

Favorite candy: Don't like candy that much
Favorite restaurant:
there they serve Asian food
Favorite color:
Deep blue dark red, dark green & black
Favorite Scent:
aftershave on a Man
Board games:
Dice, Rummikub, Uno, Buzz

Computer games: Tycoon of all kind

Tv-games: PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64

Hate: Not often
I Love:
Kissing, To be caressed in the neck
Worst feeling:
Emptiness, loneliness
Best feeling:
To be in love
Afraid of:
Loose my hearing and seeing, to miss all the beautiful in life
Worst thing that happen to me: 
Car accident in 1992

The most cozy I know: To be caressed

My dream guy: Romantic and humoristic
I want to meet:
The man I want to spend the rest of my life with

Person I Admire: Everybody that have a hard life, and still smiling
I play:
Little Piano (self-taught amateur)
I want: that my friends will celebrate with me
Favorite thing:
Love all modern technology
First thought in the
morning: Still nobody here to keep me in bed a while longer "laugh"
Travel sickness:
Roller coaster – Fun or Scary?
It is so fun, but I get sick
Thunder and storm – Exciting or Awful?
Untouched (Cozy to be inside)
Ink, lead pencil or…
Calligraphy pen 2 & 3.5
Signals before I answer the phone:
Depends on my moods
Right or left-handed?
Under the bed:

Allergic person:

Animals: Horses

Smoker: No, Hell no


Do you thinks it sounds good? contact me at     cowgirl66@magr.se