This is me:

Taurus / Gemini


Have a strong persistent Will  (Taurus)

Lively, curious, impulsive and changeable (Gemini)

generous and devoted, therefore people trust me (Taurus)

Like to discuss and change thoughts and ideas (Gemini)

Calm and responsible, stand firm with both feet on earth (Taurus)

Have a big need to feel free, and do what I want (Gemini)

Practical and domestic, partiality to nature (Taurus)

Love to travel and can easily be restless (Gemini)

Like to have many things to do at the same time (Gemini)

Unprejudiced and humorous (Gemini)

Love all beautiful and enjoyable things, like food, 

music, flower, comfort and beauty (Taurus)

Easy to learn, full of ideas, are good at solving problem (Gemini)

have a calm and a well balanced temperament (Taurus)

The heart tenders towards children and animal (Taurus)

Are easy, and you maintain your youthful image for a long time (Gemini)

inherent flirtatious, and often surrounded by men (Gemini)